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The PUZZLED MYSTERY ADVENTURE SERIES is an awesome (Am I allowed to say that about my own books?) adventure series filled with suspense, mystery, and fantasy. Written for kids ages 9-15, but enjoyed by 5-year-old children (as a bedtime story read by a parent) up to 84-year-old adults (not that 85+ wouldn’t enjoy them, I’m sure they would! It’s just that the eldest reader I’ve heard from so far told me she was 84!)


Peter, an exceptionally clever junior high school kid, is pulled into an adventure where he and a few friends have to solve a series of very challenging riddles and puzzles. Peter's mind, which has an amazing talent for problem-solving, is needed to save the world.

This adventure sure is a big change from what Peter typically deals with in life: He gets called geek and nerd by everyone in the cool group. He tries to hide his love for learning, in a hope to stick out a little less. He fantasizes about a girl who is out of his league.

Peter and his friends must solve every confusing riddle and challenging puzzle they face. If they can’t, a powerful supernatural being will cause immense destruction and devastation...


Two years have passed since Peter and his friends went up against Zoltan—a supernatural being—in a battle of minds and wits, with the fate of the Earth on the line.

Life is great for Peter now: He and Nicola are still dating. He’s about to start high school, where he will be taking advanced science and math classes.

But then, out of nowhere, something happens… Something confusing and terrifying, which has the potential to cause immeasurable destruction. Is Zoltan angry again? Is Peter not living up to his promise? Or… is something else going on?

So once again, Peter and his friends’ problem-solving skills are needed. But this time, what they are faced with is way more puzzling, and the stakes are much, much higher.


Fall is changing to winter in Clearville, mere months after Peter and his friends went up against their second supernatural adversary.

The positives in Peter’s life are adding up: He and Nicola have never been happier. Classes at school are far more interesting than he had anticipated. And Christmas, his favorite time of year, is just around the corner.

However, something begins to eat away at Peter’s conscience, and he feels compelled to act. But even when one has only good intentions in mind, unpredictable—or possibly even disastrous—consequences can occur.

For the third time in less than three years, Peter and his friends’ talents are put to the test. And anything less than perfection will mean a terrifying, unthinkable, impossible-to-live-with outcome…


Mere weeks after taking on some of the cleverest and most sinister supernatural beings to date, Peter is trying to put aside all those worries and cheerfully ring in the New Year.

But there is one fear, despite his best efforts, he is unable to push from his mind: Earth’s impending doom. With Zoltan—the only weather god capable of protecting the human race—now kidnapped, it’s only a matter of time before Xavier and his evil followers come to wreak havoc.

With the odds heavily stacked against them, Peter and his friends embark on a mission to give the innocent people of Earth a ray of hope. But to do this, they have to go to Sevlar: which means being right under Xavier’s nose.

The challenges that lie ahead are both confusing and dangerous, and their chance of success is miniscule…


Having narrowly pulled off a near-impossible mission on Sevlar a few months earlier, Peter, Mr. Winchester, and Zoltan are now busy deciding on what course of action to take next.

The limited information they receive on Xavier tells them what they fear most: that the size of Xavier’s army is increasing exponentially.

There are only two avenues that can give Peter and Zoltan’s team a fighting chance: One, recruit some weather gods to join forces with them. And two, find a way to thin out Xavier’s army.

Both of these options are, unfortunately, much easier said than done. And accomplishing them will require Peter and his team to come up with an ingenious plan. But this challenging dilemma will also involve a huge amount of risk…


With Grade 10 “done and dusted,” Peter can now enjoy a summer of hanging out with Neil (and maybe even looking for a new girlfriend.) But his chances of having a “typical high schooler’s summer break” are, unfortunately, nil.


Xavier’s army of evil weather gods outnumber Zoltan’s by a factor of 20, or possibly even 30, meaning the threat of being invaded is growing day by day.


To give themselves a chance against this upcoming onslaught, they need help. A lot of help. But acquiring this assistance will involve dredging up a secret from Sevlar’s past that few even know about.


With time dwindling, and other options nonexistent, Peter leads his team on a risky and dangerous mission to find those who “might” join their side, unaware of what he and his friends will have to conquer in order to get to their destination…

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