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Hunt for the answers!

Got all the answers? Awesome! Now for the “tough” part: Take the letters which are circled in red, and unscramble them to solve the puzzle!

(If you had trouble finding any of the answers, just scroll waaaaay down to the bottom of this post! I’ve put some hints down there!)

(Scroll down to see the hints!)

(Keep scrolling down! Almost there!)

HINTS: This should help you locate any of the ones you are having trouble finding!

Question #3: Check the description by the top photo in the “Who is PJ?” page.

Question #4: Click on the “Books” page and scroll down to Book 3.

Question #5: Go to the “Books” page and read the description of Book 1 carefully.

Question #6: Read the description for Book 3 in the “Books” page.

Question #7: Go to the “Who is PJ?” page, scroll down to the black-and-white photo of PJ (when he was in junior high) and read the description next to the photo.

Question #8: Go to the “Who is PJ?” page, scroll down to the photo where PJ’s brother is reading a book, and read through the description beside that photo.

Awesome! Now try to unscramble the letters and solve the puzzle!


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